CRM Data Enrichment Service

Enriching your CRM data would entail that not only is your contact list updated, but it is refreshed every now and then to adjust to your business growth

Renew Obslete CRM Data

Most companies are oblivious of the fact that the rotten contact database is the sole reason for the failure of their marketing campaigns.  

We will enhance your database with renewed contacts that helps you understand your customer’s buying pattern and the best approach required by sales and marketing experts to reach them effectively.


Fast and Reliable Update

At an affordable quote and reasonable rapid rate, we will update the same records with newer ones to ensure maximum marketing penetration.


Precise Verification

Our personnel are equipped with the expertise required to accurately validate the CRM data before the final delivery.

Data Segmentation

Our clients will get a segmented data list that includes several categories such as title, job, geography, industry, and more.

Ready Made Results

The results our clients acquire will already be made ready for sales and marketing personnel for instant communication

Our Customers


“Avitech Solutions, Helped me get new potential clients for my business when it was at standstill. Excellent lead source and worked diligently to allocate leads based on our criteria”


Extremely helpful and qualified. Communicated very well even. Although the leads I asked for were difficult to find, the results given to me were awesome. 11/10 would recommend.”

“All the Leads were real people and nothing wrong with them at all. Great service, understood what I was looking for. Definitely recommend this service by Avitech Solutions”

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