CRM Data Cleansing Service

Cleansing your data can help you transform your stale, partial data into actionable information that improves the productivity of your existing sales and marketing team, resulting in massive revenue generation

Sales and Marketing Efficiency

Did you know that corrupt data can disrupt the activities of your company’s sales and marketing teams? These corrupt data do disrupt not only your actions but also waste your time and resources.

With our help, you will have the capability to optimise your database and reduce the time wasted on collating, organising, and cleansing disparate data while you emphasise more on strategic selling and marketing activities


Stay in contact

Stay in contact with your customers –potential or otherwise. Our professionals pour in hard work and effort to ensure that you receive authentic, relevant and clean data without the complications that arise out of automated processes


Data Standards Enforcement

We will provide marketers with a durable, regularized data needed for lead segmentation, routing, and scoring, besides a more adaptable and customizable email campaign based on the company’s data points.


Our Customers


“Avitech Solutions, Helped me get new potential clients for my business when it was at standstill. Excellent lead source and worked diligently to allocate leads based on our criteria”


Extremely helpful and qualified. Communicated very well even. Although the leads I asked for were difficult to find, the results given to me were awesome. 11/10 would recommend.”

“All the Leads were real people and nothing wrong with them at all. Great service, understood what I was looking for. Definitely recommend this service by Avitech Solutions”

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