B2B Prospect List Building Service

Our B2B prospect list helps both start-ups and established businesses to grow by enabling them to recognize and reach out to new customers instantly

Custom B2B contacts

Our unique human research strategy relives our clients the stress associated with building a list that might eventually be futile; therefore, we avoid using automated software or scraper processes as they sometimes provide a list full of errors. 

Instead, we leverage the efficiency of human research via various search engines, LinkedIn, and other vital information sources to build an accurate and directed list.

Create more leads

Through a tailored, and credible, prospect list, you will be able to generate more leads thus allowing your business to grow tremendously. Through giving potential customers information on your business, we aim to increase persuasion levels by promoting interaction between the two businesses

Use time more efficiently

When you take upon the task of creating prospect lists yourself, you waste an excessive amount of time that could have been spent trying to maximize revenue or improve business growth. When you use our services, we will ensure that your prospect list is ready to go whenever you feel the need for it


Explore new markets

If you want to expand your operations to another market, we suggest that you test it out first. The only way you can do that is if you have the necessary data about the needs, wants and behavior of the market. You can count on our hardworking data collectors and our multiple sources of data generation, to give you that specific targeted list.  

Customize your data

Every business has a unique target market that they have to cater to. Thus, you need to have a list of contacts –businesses that will maximize the number of leads or opportunities extended to you. Only when you have a customized prospect list is when you can make informed marketing decisions and increase sales

Our Customers


“Avitech Solutions, Helped me get new potential clients for my business when it was at standstill. Excellent lead source and worked diligently to allocate leads based on our criteria”


Extremely helpful and qualified. Communicated very well even. Although the leads I asked for were difficult to find, the results given to me were awesome. 11/10 would recommend.”

“All the Leads were real people and nothing wrong with them at all. Great service, understood what I was looking for. Definitely recommend this service by Avitech Solutions”

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