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B2B Prospect List

With our help, your company will get a list of accurate and valid leads within a short time and commence marketing activities on the list to generate massive income


CRM Data Enrichment

Enriching your CRM data would entail that not only is your contact list updated, but it is refreshed every now and then to adjust to your business growth


CRM Data Cleansing

Reduce time wasted collating, organizing, and cleansing disparate data while you emphasis more on strategic selling and marketing activities  

Top Notch, Validated Leads


Many sales and marketing department lose approximately many hours and money after using bad data. Therefore, it is highly essential for businesses to get their leads from a reputable and trusted source. What sets us apart from the competition is our strict adherence to the industry benchmarks for B2B list providers. You are bound to get a list of valid leads that converts.



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Every business has a unique target market that they have to cater to. Thus, you need to have a list of contacts –businesses that will maximize the number of leads or opportunities extended to you.

Our customization service delivers you the only contacts that meet the criteria you are looking for (job title, experience, qualification and geographical location) at an accuracy of 98 percent

Our Customers


“Avitech Solutions, Helped me get new potential clients for my business when it was at standstill. Excellent lead source and worked diligently to allocate leads based on our criteria”


Extremely helpful and qualified. Communicated very well even. Although the leads I asked for were difficult to find, the results given to me were awesome. 11/10 would recommend.”

“All the Leads were real people and nothing wrong with them at all. Great service, understood what I was looking for. Definitely recommend this service by Avitech Solutions”

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